As I`m on the subject of messages I recall a guy called “Gary” (names have been changed to protect the guilty) from Blackpool. He messaged me and as this was early on I replied….which gave him what he thought was a green light. He said he`d meet me anytime,drive anywhere,not a problem… be polite I said I was looking for someone in my area as I didn`t drive so it would be unfair to expect him to drive to Manchester. He insisted this was not a problem…I insisted it was unfair…”You`ve not even given our love a chance!! I`m coming to Manchester!!”he insisted….”Gary!! It`s not a good idea I am really looking for someone in my area!” He was not put off…..”Well…I don`t care what you think! I`m coming to Manchester!” Really?? Is that what you think Gary?? “Ok…I`ve been polite…this is how it is…you`re blocked.” Needless to say our romance is over…..

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