Ok boys and girls….let`s go on a date!! First one was Alan…seemed ok,nice enough,so we decided to meet one sunday afternoon for lunch.A little tip ladies…this is NOT something I would recommend (going for a meal that is), We met at Spinninfields and had a very pleasant lunch at The Alchemist.Having a drink at the bar beforehand I got to know Alan quite well…..he had 3 ex-wives one son and one daughter….I could tell you that his son wasn`t very ambitious and he and his girlfriend had just moved….his daughter had a little girl and Alan really liked his son-in-law….Alan usually went for younger women(no surprise there) his last girlfriend was 16 years younger….and all the time he was talking he was sat facing me on a bar stool and was leaning forward quite close to me. He was obviously a ladies man and fancied himself a bit but …I wasn`t playing. After lunch (which he paid for like a true gent….this doesn`t always happen as you`ll find out another time) I suggested going over to the Yacht Club as they would be having a charity event so it would be quite busy…..bu this time it was clear that there was no spark but we were having a nice time anyway…but I was still waiting foe Alan to ask me something….anything…… After a glass of wine we could see that the DJ was setting up in the corner and I for one was looking forward to it.Not so Alan….”It`s going to get noisy now…don`t like that…time I went”. So I had no choice really but to leave with him….but looking back I wish I`d just said `bye and stayed at the Yacht Club.And if anyone had asked him on the way home “So what do you know about Jacqui then?” he would have had to say….”Nothing.”…..