If a man is really keen you can either find it flattering or bloody annoying depending on how he tries to catch you in his net.Last sunday found me in the unique position of having double-booked (I know! This hasn`t happened in years!) so I had to let Neil down gently telling him some rubbish about having to check my shifts.Unfortunately (for Neil) he decided to txt me at 7am on tuesday morning! ” Have you sorted your shifts out yet?”…well do you know what Neil….if I had they`ve now all been changed to lates….Who does that??!! You wouldn`t dream of txting/phoning someone you`ve never met or spoken to at that time would you? After I`d been so rudely woken up my first thought was to txt straight back but no….let`s calm down first. So I waited until about 10ish and replied.”Didn`t appreciate being woken up by your txt mate.” To which he replied “Been up since 5-30 my bad apologies!” You what?? My bad apologies?? How old are you?? You`re not down with the kids mate you`re nearly 60!! And guess what…I didn`t reply so the next day he sent me another txt. ” Really sorry about the alarm call have I ruined it?” Didn`t reply….day after he sent me a message on P.O.F. “Should have used this medium to get in touch”…..Needless to say our romance is now over…..